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By Jonathan Bradley in Sydney, Australia

7 February 2012

Being Australian, I was never one for baseball cards, but I do remember a brief craze for basketball trading cards sweeping my primary school in the mid '90s. I didn't care even slightly about the NBA, but I dutifully collected the miniature portraits of players like Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo, complete with statistics on the reverse that managed the unusual feat of being even more incomprehensible than sports statistics usually are. (Honestly, I was more interested in the fancy team logos and the names of the distant cities they represented than the basketballers themselves.)

Rick Santorum Upper Deck Trading Card

I tell this story, because, for the first time in close to two decades, I want to get back into the cardcollecting hobby. I mean, check out this Rick Santorum!

It's not a mock-up. These things actually exist! Reports Beckett News (h/t Buzzfeed):

Upper Deck has joined the political fray with trading cards featuring many of the Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. In addition, UD also created a Barack Obama card to be included in this insert set that will be found in World of Sports.

World of Sports is scheduled be released on Feb. 21 with the World of Politics nine-card insert set inside. World of Politics cards should fall at an average of 1:40 hobby packs with even rarer variations of each card.

If anyone has a Herman Cain collectors card in good condition, I'd be willing to trade three Scottie Pippens and a Shaquille O'Neal from back when he played for Orlando Magic. I figure if I can get a real collectors market going on, Upper Deck might indulge me by releasing trading cards for all 535 members of Congress.

After the jump, see the full set.

Complete set of Upper Deck trading cards

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